Execution & Implementation

Campaign Period: January 13 - February 28

Campaign Objectives:

  • Raise $100,000 to support over 150 schools with essential snacks and meals.

  • Garner extensive media coverage and community support.

  • Facilitate and encourage the successful organization of 50 local bake sales.

  • Host a prominent event on February 27 at IN HOPE Charity Toronto headquarters.

Media Outreach and Promotion:
  • Identify and profile key media outlets, journalists, and influential figures.

  • Prepare meticulous media pitches, press releases, and comprehensive media kits.

  • Disseminate a campaign launch announcement via IN HOPE Charity's official digital channels.

Community Engagement and Bake Sales:
  • Develop a comprehensive guide detailing the process of hosting successful bake sales.

  • Initiate outreach to local community organizations, educational institutions, and corporate entities, encouraging their active involvement in hosting bake sales.

  • Initiate communication with prospective bake sale organizers, offering them comprehensive support.

Media Outreach and Promotion:
  • Initiate direct contact with targeted media outlets through email, telephone, and social media platforms.

  • Continuously disseminate campaign updates, impactful stories, and noteworthy baking achievements across IN HOPE Charity social media channels.

  • Heighten the campaign's digital presence through website enhancements and ongoing social media promotion.

Community Engagement and Bake Sales:
  • Host a virtual orientation session, providing bake sale organizers with valuable insights and addressing their queries.

  • Encourage prospective bake sale hosts to actively disseminate their event details on their respective social media profiles.

  • Provide comprehensive guidance and resources to facilitate the smooth execution of bake sales.

Media Outreach and Promotion:
  • Sustain proactive media outreach efforts while intensifying follow-up communications.

  • Vigilantly monitor media coverage, promptly addressing inquiries and providing requested information.

  • Continuously share media-generated content on IN HOPE Charity's official social media platforms.

Community Engagement and Bake Sales:
  • Attend local bake sales, either in-person or virtually, to demonstrate solidarity and capture compelling visuals.

  • Disseminate inspiring stories and captivating images from bake sale events on IN HOPE Charity's website and social media profiles.

Media Outreach and Promotion:
  • Maintain sustained media engagement and follow-up communications.

  • Share poignant stories portraying the experiences of bake sale hosts, generous donors, and the children profoundly impacted by the campaign.

  • Strategically promote the major event scheduled for February 27 through targeted media outlets.

Community Engagement and Bake Sales:
  • Conclude bake sale events efficiently, ensuring the systematic collection of raised funds.

  • Publicly acknowledge and express gratitude to bake sale hosts via social media recognition and the issuance of certificates.

  • Compile the aggregated total of funds generated from bake sales, transparently updating the campaign's progress.

Donor Engagement:
  • Promptly acknowledge and appreciate donations with customized thank-you notes and communications.

  • Regularly disseminate campaign progress updates while conveying heartfelt gratitude to donors through diverse communication avenues.

Event Preparation:
  • Meticulously finalize logistical arrangements for the major event slated for February 27.

  • Send formal event invitations to IN HOPE Charity dedicated staff, committed volunteers, and key supporters.

Event Execution (February 27):
  • Seamlessly execute the eagerly anticipated major event at IN HOPE Charity Toronto headquarters, where staff and volunteers engage in philanthropic baking activities.

  • Capture captivating event highlights through a dedicated team of photographers and videographers for subsequent promotional use.

Final Media Push:
  • Leverage the major event as a compelling media magnet, generating heightened media coverage and fostering substantial social media buzz.

  • Conduct a thorough evaluation, meticulously assessing the campaign's overall efficacy in achieving its predefined objectives.

  • Scrutinize media coverage reports, engagement metrics, and stakeholder feedback to derive actionable insights.

  • Compile a comprehensive campaign report, adeptly summarizing key achievements and discerned lessons to inform future initiatives.

  • Extend sincere appreciation to invaluable media partners, influential figures, benevolent donors, and the steadfast community for their unwavering support throughout the campaign.