Abhay Parekh

Public Relations Specialist
Marketing Communications Specialist

About Me

Once upon a time, I Abhay Parekh, was torn between my love for technology and my passion for communication. I had a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, but I was always drawn to the world of marketing and public relations.

One day, I made a bold decision to pursue my dream and enrolled in a Public Relations program. I quickly found that the strategic and creative approach to communication was my calling. My background in engineering gave me a unique perspective on problem-solving and analysis, which I used to create impactful campaigns that resonated with audiences.

Through academic projects and personal projects, I honed my skills in social media management, content creation, and event planning. I was constantly inspired by the power of communication to bring people together and tell compelling stories.

Now, I am excited to continue my journey in the field of public relations and make a meaningful impact. I look forward to bringing my unique blend of skills and expertise to create innovative and effective campaigns that inspire and engage audiences.

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